A gluten free food truck!

There are lots of food trucks in southern Maine, but how many have a dedicated gluten free kitchen with a professional chef at the helm?

We have a full kitchen in the truck, so we serve all sorts of things. We have sliders, bratwurst, chicken gyros and whatever else Cara can come up with. If you'd like to see some photos of our food, the best place to look is on our Instagram page.

Veggie Options

We get lots of requests for veggie options, so Cara has come up with a number of vegetarian and vegan options. She's a vegetarian herself, so if we didn't have veggie options then she wouldn't be able to eat from her own truck!

Farm Fresh and Gluten Free

The chef has celiac disease, so everything has to be dedicated. Cara bakes her own bread and gets as many ingredients as possible from local farmers. Whether or not you're gluten free, you'll find lots of tasty options in our kitchen.

And if you've been avoiding fried foods in restaurants because of cross-contamination, then we have good news: our fryer only has gluten free food in it. Ever. You can have onion rings again.